Subject Areas

When it comes to translations and editing, subject area experience matters. Contact me to put my expertise in law, science, engineering and technology, software localization, and transportation to work for you.

Law: Contracts and Depositions

My experience with legal documents from the countries I work with and access to several practicing lawyers with experience in Eastern Europe enables me to deliver watertight translations, leaving you to get on with your business and enjoy total peace of mind. Whether you have a contract for purchase of equipment and provision of services, or a deposition for an arbitration proceeding/court case, I can provide the solution. Whatever your needs, I’ll be on the case!

Science (except medicine)

With years of experience in translating many kinds of scientific texts (except medicine), all based on thorough research, clarity of language, and pinpoint accuracy, I am your ideal provider for scientific translations. My specialties include metallurgy, physics, and astronomy: subjects in which I have a profound personal interest. Let me put your text under the microscope and watch an impeccable translation emerge!

Photo: Moscow traffic and transit in evening
Moscow at night: Photo by trolleway cropped from original and used under CC-BY 2.0.

Engineering and Technology

With a wealth of top-level translations under my belt, including at the Washington-Moscow Hotline Earth station, you can entrust all your engineering and technology texts to me and be assured that the result will be letter-perfect. Whether your text concerns the design, construction, testing, or approval of facilities, or whatever projects you have in the pipeline, look no further: I’ll deliver.

Software Localization

As a former software tester, I have significant experience in this field. From code inspections to test plans and from requirements traceability to system-level testing, my professional background, expertise and attention to detail will guarantee you a flawless translation, without a single bug!

Transportation (Railroads/Roads)

My lifelong interest in transportation systems has equipped me to deal with a wide range of texts in this field – an interest I can now put to the service of my clients. I can handle documents on the design, construction, and operation of roads, railroads, railcars, and locomotives and ensure your text reaches its destination every time!